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Preteen Lolitas

Posted on July 14 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 10:37:59 -0400From: jhaze Subject: Dooby rhymes with SCOOBYDOOBY rhymes with ScoobyPart 16ByJamie Haze"Hey Zeek boy, where you at?" Auggie barked into the phone impatiently.Zeek pulled his eyes down from the rear view mirror to glance aroundafter wincing at the tone of Auggie's amplified voice in his ear bud,"Keep yo' pants on massa, we on de drive jus' now." His eyes returnedto the mirror. He giggled at Stevie and Stevie's new friend, "An' youtwo boys best be gettin' at findin' yours, we almos' home." He turnedand half whispered; "Boss yo' just ain't gonna believe yo eyes at whata cute little guy Stevie done foun' in his gran' mammy's house."Stevie broke lip contact with his friend and sat up on the limo's backseat far enough to see out the windows, "Shit Zeek, why didn't you tellus sooner? Can't you just stop long enough for us to get dressed?" Zeekgiggled, nodded and then used both feet on the big car's brake pedal;the limo stopped with a violent rocking motion but Stevie and his friendLogan kept traveling at thirty miles an hour until they were sprawled ina tangle of arms, legs, discarded clothing and a pile of overflow luggagethat wouldn't fit in the car's trunk.All the baggage in the trunk belonged to Stevie and everything in theback with them Preteen Lolitas was Logan's. After dropping off Trevor and Phillip infront of a gay bar, Stevie directed Zeek to a high rise condominium indowntown Atlanta where his grandmother owned an apartment, which becameStevie's home after his father threw him out for announcing that he wasgay, the announcement was in response to a dinnertime argument aboutStevie's lack of interest in dating highly desirable daughters ofbusiness associates. Stevie packed his better and best clothing hurriedlyhoping that in his new position of `button pushin' geek' for Auggie,he'd be able to dress properly when they traveled, of course at home inthe Bligh mansion, all that was required was nicely tanned skin. Zeeklooked askance at the pile of luggage a porter deposited near the back ofthe car and then with surprise at Stevie who had changed from shorts toschool blazer and necktie for dinner with his grandmother. "Stevie boyyo' ain't no clothes horse liken' de boss say, yo' a whole herd! Yo'clean up real well boy, yo' surely do."Stevie, christened Rodger Steven Rippy III, was shocked to discover thathis parents were waiting to greet him in his grandmother's library. Hismother hugged and kissed him, while his father shook his hand hesitantlybut with a smile, indicating that there was some degree of acceptance andperhaps reconciliation in the near future. Small talk was interruptedwith the arrival of three additional dinner guests; neighbors, theDillon's with their seventeen year old son Logan.Logan and Stevie had been close friends, attended the same schools andwere inseparable until they reached puberty. Stevie was a bit ahead ofLogan. They were skinny dipping in the Rippy's secluded pool. They hadbeen racing. Stevie with longer arms and legs won. Logan climbed out tosit on the edge to rest while he traded good-natured jibes with his bestfriend. Stevie waded close to sink directly in front of Logan so his eyeswere even with Logan's cock and newly sprouted pubic hair. Logan feltthose eyes and couldn't keep his mind and body from reacting. Stevie puthis hands on Logan's knees and moved them up his friend's thighs whilehe asked if Logan was horny and wanted to fool around. Fear drove Loganto remember that he had a previous engagement elsewhere. He stood up,found his discarded bathing suit and ran. From that day Logan became adistant friend and refused to meet Stevie's eyes whenever they did seeeach other at school or social events. Stevie remained a virgin until hewas ostracized by his father and all of his encounters from the firstincluded Logan's patrician face and body in his imagination behindtightly closed eyelids. Logan remained a virgin in fact, while his handbecame Preteen Lolitas Stevie's, or Stevie's mouth, or, if only he'd hadn't chickenedout that fateful summer day.Stevie was asked to get drinks and Logan's help was offered. Stevielooked around to discover the liquor trolley normally in the library, hadbeen moved to the dinning room. Stevie and Logan found themselves alonein the big room. Stevie Preteen Lolitas rattled crystal glassware and gave up using thetongs to capture ice cubes in favor of his hands while Logan stood nearbystudying the intricate patterned Persian carpet."Long time no see," Steve ventured."I came out to my parents right after Preteen Lolitas you told yours," Logan blurtedwithout preamble."Huh?"Logan inhaled a monster breath, "Your dad told everyone in the officeright away one at a time of course. It was all very hush, hush, you know,secret. He was looking for advice; my father came home all happy andproud that it was you not me and of course the news explained why weweren't friends any longer. You obviously tried something and I turnedyou down. That was the moment I wiped the smile off his face. He took itpretty well actually and still is as long as I don't start wearingdresses and dating guys.""I did and you did." Stevie answered softly with his back turned,intent on filling the elder Dillon's double old fashion glass to thebrim with Scotch before he added ice."Pardon? Preteen Lolitas Oh yeah, you did try and I did run. I wanted to, you know, withyou, but I wasn't ready, I was confused, I thought it would go away. Iwas scared shitless and you were too Preteen Lolitas fucking slow.""HUH? ME, I was too slow? You were too fucking fast; you would havebeaten Superman in the race for the gate carrying your bathing suit."Stevie turned at last wearing a grin. Logan lifted his eyes for the firsttime. "You didn't even give me a chance to compliment you on havingsuch a cute little butt or what a perfectly beautiful cock you sport whenit gets hard."Logan lifted the back of his jacket and twisted his torso, "I do?" heasked with a blush before he looked down at the swelling in the front ofhis trousers. He blushed and grinned shyly before he straightened hisblazer and buttoned it but after he saw Stevie's grinning approval."Yup, and I think it still is." Stevie switched from compliments toaccusatory, "You asshole, you just wasted four years of primetime. Whydidn't you just say something, or is there another guy in your closet?"Logan relaxed. He raised his open hand, made a fist and pounded air,"Yes sir, right here. This hand is my substitute Stevie." He lookeddejected and offered Stevie an out, "But since you've been out on yourown for six months, you probably aren't interested in me any more.That's why I'm here, why we're here. Our mom's have been talking andyour granny is her normal conniving self. They all think that sincewe're both gay and used to be friends that us getting together againwould be almost as good as marrying us up with acceptable girls."Stevie grinned; an acceptable girl was one whose family had an equal orgreater amount of wealth than prospective suitors. The rule worked bothways; the girls termed such unions, `marrying well'. Rodger Rippy andBrad Dillon were business partners so it was logical, although males, gaymales, that the union of the Preteen Lolitas two families through their sons was the bestalternative either family could hope for. "Logan boy," Stevie giggled,"did you just propose to little old me?"Logan flushed, "Not exactly, I was kind of thinking that we maybe couldjust pick up where we left off in the pool, only this time I promise notto run."Stevie nodded, "Is there any possibility that your parents would let youmove out to move in with me? Fuck that school, I have Preteen Lolitas tutors. Have youever heard of August Bligh, THE Bligh Media Group?" Logan's smile grewas Stevie explained where he lived, what he had been doing using vaguegeneral terms and implications and what he was going to do in the futurein his roll of `button pushin geek' and guessed at the few dutiesrequired of a `step an' fetch it boy' if Logan was interested in thejob. He skipped lightly over Auggie's description except to mention thathe was handicapped, close to impotent and mostly limited to watching withthe exception of using his mouth on occasion all of which he was payingvery well for. He began to describe Ryan and Trasker in detail when therewere shouts to ask about the drinks.Both boys started laughing together when Stevie dumped the glassoverflowing with Scotch into the ice bucket and then filled bothfathers' glasses by pouring ice and booze back into their glasses. Loganlooked down just before they were to rejoin their families, "Wow Stevie,ya'll just better keep that jacket buttoned AND maybe walk kinda bentover."Stevie returned the compliment, "Man you've done some growing sincethat day at the pool too, you best stay buttoned up yourself. Just holdthat thought until we can get into the car."Permission for Logan to accompany Stevie was de facto, courtesy ofearlier groundwork by Stevie's grandmother who engineered thearrangement after Stevie called her that morning. Her argument wasstraightforward; either allow Logan the freedom to indulge in hislifestyle with Stevie and perhaps eventually join substantial estates orrisk losing him to the streets and strangers with all the incumbentdangers. The boys consumed each dinner course placed before them with fargreater than normal teenage lust for food and were excused from tablebefore dessert when Stevie asked after glancing at his watch severaltimes. He wasn't given a schedule, and after visiting his grandmother,all he had to do was locate a willing young guy on the streets who fitAuggie's general specifications; smart, good looking, possessed of anabove average athletic body and versatile. In Logan he found all thoseattributes, plus the added benefit of loving the mind and desiring thebody ever since he became aware of, and admitted to his sexualorientation. Zeek's bug eyes bugged out further when Stevie appeared inthe mansion's open front doorway towing an excited giggling Logan by thehand.Once at the Dillon home, Stevie discovered that Logan had already packedhis things and lugged everything to the foyer while he prayed that Steviewould forgive him and accept his offer of renewed best friendship as wellas roommates, only at a much more intimate level. Zeek was content toneedlessly stand holding the big car's rear door handle while Preteen Lolitas the boysraced each other loading Logan's baggage. Stevie eyed the pile brieflywhen they finished, "You brought your tennis stuff but you forgot yourLacrosse stick. There's a bunch of guys coming down, they're Yankees,but they play the game anyway, get your stick, we might be able to givethem some pointers."When Zeek saw Logan's stick he looked quizzical, "Why yo rich whiteboys draggin' aroun' dem ol' carpet beaters fo'?" he asked from thedriver's seat, looking in the rear view mirror at Stevie and Logan whilethey began stripping each other. Logan answered him by raising the opaqueglass partition while he briefly fought off Stevie's hands in pullingoff his trousers. Zeek grinned, allowing the window to block his view forthree minutes. When he lowered it again the boys were happily naked andStevie was already in the process of administering the slowest mostperfect mind bending, excruciating head job that Logan ever received, hisfirst.Stevie had Logan sitting stretched out exactly in the middle of the seatwhile he knelt between Logan's legs with his back to Zeek. Logan's eyeswere closed and his head lolled from side to side while his handsfluttered with long fingers extended around Stevie's bobbing head. Loganwanted to touch that head, to hold it, control it, but he wasn't sure Preteen Lolitas ofthe protocols. Zeek advised him, "Yo in charge Logan boy. Yo jus' grabon dat blond head an' move it so it feels bes' fo' yo', but when yo'comin' yo' let up, so yo' shoot him a mouthful an' him suckin' ondat knob real hard to gets him ever drop befo' he swallows." Logan didas he was told after opening his slate gray eyes to meet Zeek's in themirror. He grinned by way of thanks before his full attention went to hiscock to watch it grow in length when he lifted his lover's head and thendisappear completely when he pushed down. His body stiffened and archedsuddenly, Stevie began struggling to lift his head. Logan rememberedZeek's instructions and helped until Stevie locked his lips with histeeth carefully covered. Sucking became vacuuming. Logan felt like hisbody was imploding after he was sure that Stevie was already savoring thetaste of his nuts by rolling them around in his mouth with his tongue.Logan wanted them back and impulsively pulled Stevie up his body by hisarmpits until their lips touched and he began sucking the contents of apleasantly surprised Stevie's mouth since he hadn't had time to swalloweverything. Stevie fought back, sealed his lips barely without bitingLogan's tongue and quickly swallowed the small amount Logan left behind."Hey that was no fair lover boy," Stevie protested with a tired smile,"but it sure was a smooth move. I'll have to remember that one." Logangiggled and licked Stevie's nose. "Actually I wanted more than just asniff." The big car lurched, several horns blared protests. The boysfell to the side laughing. "ZEEK! Goddamnit you're fixin' to kill usall if you don't watch the road instead of what we're doin'. I swearyou're worse than the boss."Zeek giggled by way of apology. "I has to watch Stevie boy, de boss isgoin'," he began laughing, "to be wantin' a blow by blow a-count o'everthin' yo' boys do. Why he gonna kick ass wrathful that he didn'tget to watch first han' in person. Yo' jus' wait an' see boy, yo'pretty ass gonna be some sore from other `in gettin' it poked by ol'Logan boy."After the boys regained the seat Stevie pulled Logan on his body like ablanket. They began making out until Logan whispered, "Are you gonnafuck me now? I love you so much I want you in me all the time. I want tobe so Preteen Lolitas full of your cum that I slosh when I walk."Stevie giggled, "That's never gonna happen," he sank into dialect,"'cause I ain't plannin' to leave it in there for all that long, ifyo' get my meanin'."Logan's eyes widened, "You mean?""Yup, that's something I haven't done yet myself, something veryspecial and only with the guy I love." Stevie paused to peck Logan'snose playfully, "And that would be you lover boy.""You could start fillin' it up now you know.""Yup I could, but we should save fucking for a nice bed so we can becomfortable, and," Stevie hesitated, "there's something we need to dofirst in the bathroom, to make it all, err, perfect."Logan's face turned red straight to his ears. He giggled nervouslyrealizing the probable bathroom function that would make his defloweringperfect for them both. "Well if we can't get that out of the way,maybe, ah, could I ah, give you what you just did to me?" He didn'twait for permission, but slithered down Stevie's hard tanned excitingbody, dragging his tongue over the warm taught skin, fulfilling a minorfantasy along the way by nursing Stevie's nipples to hardness andultimate sensitivity. Stevie's cock rose to welcome and be engulfed inLogan's mouth. He came with regrettable swiftness and watched Loganswallow repeatedly, fearful that Stevie might try to steal his back aswell.Zeek opened the car door opposite Auggie's ramp down to the parking areaand Auggie peered into the darkness with a frown before he smiled,"Stevie ya'll just climb outta there the way yo' is. Clothes don'tmake the man no how, it's what's out front that counts `round here.Come on an' introduce me to your new buddy," he encouraged. Trasker andRyan, each wearing a pair of Trasker's old high school gym shorts sincethey were in front of the house, grinned together expectantly whilestanding behind Auggie's scooter.The boys in the car, by then were laughing too hard to ever separate andthen don their clothing properly. Stevie gave up and stepped out wearinga necktie and one loafer. He grinned, acknowledging Ryan and Trasker witha nod when they giggled and commented on Stevie's wardrobe. Preteen Lolitas Auggielooked back at them and frowned, "You two boys can jus' shuck outtathem shorts to make my new boy feel more comfortable." Both compliedwith slight blushes.Stevie reached back into the darkness to grab Logan's hand and gentlytug him forward. When he finally stood beside Stevie, staring at his feetwhile his entire body glowed red with nervous embarrassment, Steviedraped an arm over his shoulder to pull him in close before beginningintroductions. "Mista August Bligh sir, I'm most happy an' honored tointroduce ya'll to my very best friend in the whole world," he beganusing his soft southern drawl. "Sir, this here is Logan Dillon, latelyof Alpharetta, neighbors of my granny, an' o' course Dillon Plantationwhich most everyone's heard of."Auggie lifted an eyebrow and his hand. Stevie poked Logan in his side sohe would shake his new employer's hand. When Logan made eye contactAuggie sucked in his breath, stunned by the new boy's male beauty, hisunusual eye color and the chiseled perfection of his body, which wastemporarily marred only by a necktie that hung limply between his hardpronounced pectorals. "I'm right pleased to meet you Sir," Logan saidsoftly with a smile as Auggie continued to pump his hand. "Ya'll have abeautiful home here an' I'm hopin' you'll hire me so as Stevie an'me can make it our home together. I, I think I can be a hard worker foryou if you'll just tell me what you want done," his blush returned,"that is in addition to bein' together with Stevie."Auggie came out of his entrancement when Stevie without bending down,rested his chin on the top of Logan's blue-black mop of curls crowninghis perfect hopeful face. Auggie appreciated the stark contrast betweenthe two young Preteen Lolitas southern aristocrats; Stevie was six feet tall with awillowy lithe swimmer's body and a shock of naturally wild blond hair,while his partner Logan was a diminutive powerhouse of absolute masculineperfection. "Ya'll are hired," Auggie said with a nod before he lookedup at Stevie with a grin, "An' as for you boy, ya'll set me up ferthat there raise. Ya'll had your friend Logan boy in the wings until Igot fed up with them two dunderheads now didn't cha? I believe I shouldup an' fire you fer holdin' out on me." Stevie saw that Auggie wasjoking and giggled his denial before he explained his and Logan'srelationship.Stevie's arm dropped to palm Logan's tight muscled butt possessivelywhile he introduced Ryan and Trasker when he saw their Preteen Lolitas eyes travelingblatantly over his new lover's body. He remembered that he and Logan hadyet to consummate their union when he felt Logan clenching his cheekswhile pressing back against his thigh trapping his hand in anticipationand as a reminder of his eagerness. "What room?" Steve asked while hemaneuvered Logan around Auggie, Trasker and Ryan to get themselves intothe house."Ugh?" Auggie asked before he understood the question. "Oh Preteen Lolitas theboom-boom room is yours from now on," he called to Stevie's back. Afterhe turned his scooter around to follow he grinned at Trasker and Ryan,"Come on boys, this here's their first time an' they'll likely neverbe another as good to see." Trasker and Ryan ran hand in hand to catchup to Auggie."Can I watch `em too?" Zeek begged Auggie's back from near the car.When Auggie agreed Zeek paused just long enough to call someone to bringup the mountain of luggage before running up Auggie's ramp.By the time the four reached the boom-boom room they found it empty, butStevie had thoughtfully turned on the video system and the main screenshowed the two new lovers to be in the bathroom in the shower that wasbuilt large enough to accommodate four bathers without being crowded aswell as without glass to obscure the view. Auggie drove to the openbathroom door to watch the real thing. When Ryan and Trasker stood at hisside they were both wearing full sympathy erections. Trasker turned topress his into Ryan to hide himself from his uncle's close up gaze ofappreciation. Auggie twisted his body to look back into the room, pleasedto see that a double bed replaced the single bed in the middle of theroom as he ordered that afternoon."Trasker boy yo ain't got nothin' to be ashamed of there so thereain't no reason to hide it. Now yo jus' turn about an' let old UncleAuggie see close up," he wheedled. Ryan winked at Auggie and spunTrasker to face him, then fitted his hardness between Trasker's legs andduck-walked him closer to his uncle. Auggie grinned up at Trasker's beetred face, "You a chip off a my block Trasker boy." Since Traskercouldn't look down without meeting his uncle's eyes, he turned his headto watch Stevie and Logan. He quickly discovered that he'd made amistake since watching the two beautiful bodies caused his erection tobecome harder still and begin to throb.Trasker instinctively clenched his thighs together squeezing Ryan's cockwhile he pressed his butt back into his lover of less than twenty-fourhours. He whispered from the side of his mouth, "I plumb can't takethis watchin' can we join them before I explode?"Auggie answered, "Sure, a foursome will be better than a twosome any oldday. Go ahead an' get in there to get yo clean just like they'redoin'." Auggie felt a sudden tightness in his crotch. He turned hisscooter, "I believe I'll jus' go get comfortable myself. Come on Zeekboy ya'll can help.""But, but Boss" Zeek stuttered.Auggie cut off his protests, "Yo' ain't goin' to miss nothin'." Heblinked when Zeek reluctantly turned to follow when he saw Zeek's tentedtrousers. Auggie grinned, "Besides I ain't seen that ten inch blacksnake out to play in years. If ya'll are interested yo jus' call one ofyour young friends up here an' maybe we both could have some fun jus'like ole times."Zeek grinned and rolled his eyes attempting a look of innocence. Auggiebraked just inside his bedroom to stare at a very handsome nearly whiteblack boy who was standing in the room looking lost and holding as muchluggage as he could manage to reduce the number of trips. "Well jus'speak o' the devil hisself," Zeek quipped. "Boss this here boy's mynephew," he paused to look sternly at the boy, "What yo doin' up herewearin' them shorts boy? I done tol' yo on the phone to be nekked!"The boy looked like Zeek hit him. He dropped his load where he stood andshucked off his one article of clothing as fast as he could, then stoodbefore the two men shivering and attempting to hide his endowments withboth hands unsuccessfully. "Damn boy, you done forgot ever thin' Itaught yo! Yo don't never touch yourself when I'm aroun'! Now yo justget over to de big boss an' yo jus stan' quiet while he checks yo'out."The boy took twenty mini steps to reach Auggie's side. He stood at rigidattention within easy range of Auggie's hands. "Nephew?" Auggiewondered. "How come he mos' white? Though truth to tell," Auggie saidafter he stroked the boy's limp eight inches to eleven inches of rockhardness, "this here horse cock looks a match for yours an' thensome."Zeek explained that his younger sister was once attracted to some goodlooking white trash who in turn had a yen to split some black oak and hadtwenty dollars to seal the deal. The result of the transaction wasstanding before Auggie somewhat more at ease and even smiling shyly afterAuggie's compliment. "His names' James, but I calls him Jammer." Zeekconcluded proudly.Auggie Preteen Lolitas was shaking Jammer's hand when they heard laughter from theadjoining bedroom. "Oops! Damn Zeek give me a hand to get outten theseclothes. Jammer, yo fetch my robe outten the closet quick like a studbunny!" Jammer laughed and ran to the closet with his monster cockswinging and bobbing wildly and his matching balls slapping his thighs.Auggie could stand long enough to dress or undress himself and withZeek's help, he was naked by the time Jammer found and returned withrobe.Zeek was staring at Auggie's cock, pleasantly surprised that it wasdelightfully hard, "Yo said yo couldn't get it up no more!" he accusedwith a giggle.Auggie nodded happily, "I couldn't `til this mornin'. Now it's up Ijus' ain't had no chance to try it out none yet." Jammer heldAuggie's robe up for him to slip it on without being asked. "Thanksboy, how old are you anyways?""I'm almost sixteen Sir and you're welcome Sir, I'm glad I could beof help." Jammer answered politely.Auggie looked puzzled as he sat back in his scooter, "How come you speakEnglish so good, better `an me even?"Jammer's eyes had dropped to Auggie's open robe and his exposedpersistent erection. Auggie noticed and grew a bit more in response."Ah, because Sir my momma told me if I wanted to ever make something ofmyself in the white man's world, I should talk just like they do and payattention in school to get the best grades and scholarships to college."Jammer screwed up the courage to put his hand on Auggie's shoulder tostop him from driving off into the other room, "Would you like me totake care of your problem Sir? I'll do it any way you say." Jammer'seyes returned to Auggie's problem.Auggie's eyes dropped to Jammer's much bigger problem that pulsedquietly. "Maybe later, right now we need to see what's goin' onyonder. Tell you what, ya'll just climb on this here scooter Preteen Lolitas and I'llgive yo a nice ride." Jammer frowned there didn't appear to be any roomfor him to sit on Auggie's lap. Auggie grinned, "You'll fit righthandy if yo stand up facin' me with your pert little butt restin' againthe handlebars. Then I'll Preteen Lolitas jus' see about getting' rid o' your biggerproblem first off." Jammer grinned his understanding, climbed over oneof Auggie's legs and then snuggled his little butt comfortably into thehandlebar. Auggie nodded happily when Jammer's cock came to rest twoinches from and pointing directly at his mouth. He parked the scooteralong the side of the bed and looked up to see Jammer looking down athim. He nodded to the bed, "Look at them," he whispered.Jammer's hazel eyes widened at the four white boys making out as twocouples, oblivious to being watched or looking at the other couple oreven at the views from several camera angles that played on plasmascreens mounted on the walls. Jammer decided that he preferred the viewof the closest couple, Stevie on top of Logan, within a short reach awayif he should be invited to help. He was distracted by Auggie's mouth ashalf of his eleven inches promptly disappeared into the tight moistwarmth before Auggie began to actively alternate between sucking andblowing while he bobbed his head. Auggie kept his eyes open and couldeasily see Stevie and little Logan as they worked toward consummatingphase one of their union.Zeek bent close to Auggie's ear to whisper, "This about where dey lef'off in de car. Logan boy wanted to git hisself fucked but Steviewouldn't because he wanted dat little boy pussy clean enough to eat out.Black folks don't do that much." He took Jammer's closest hand andplaced it on his own erection, "Stroke me some boy, jus not off, it bemy turn after de Boss get done wid dat pretty ass o' yours."Jammer grinned at his uncle, "Good thing I'm almost white Uncle Zeekbecause I'd eat out anyone of these guys in a heartbeat if one let me,and I'd like to know how it feels to get eaten if someone wanted to dome.""You jus white trash," Zeek retorted with a grin."And you're just a big black bozo just like my older brother George,you're both jealous.""George rape yo maybe, but you white trash rape me after yo healed upafter I took yo in." Preteen Lolitas Zeek accused.Jammer giggled, "So I needed some action. You could have pushed meoff." Jammer and Zeek, nephew and uncle loved to rag each other.Auggie pulled away from Jammer's cock, sat up and frowned up at Zeekfirst, then to the boy, "Your brother raped you?" The question hadominous overtones.Jammer nodded hesitantly, "He only got to do it once and Uncle Zeekcaught him just as he was shooting his load. George hates me, we alwaysargued about everything. That day we were alone in the hay barn and hestarted ragging me about being too white and acting too white, I ignoredhim until he started on our mom about spreading her legs for white trash,which made me a bastard. I love my mom; I lost my temper and just smashedthe big nigger in the nose as hard as I could. His nose started bleedingand that's when he started telling me that he was going to turn me blackby pumping his cum into me whenever he wanted. He grabbed me, stripped meand threw me ass up over a hay bale."Zeek took over the story, "I was passin' by dat barn an' heard a kidcryin' an' someone older cursin' up a storm. When I walk in dare, Isee blood all over Jammer's back, an I thought George fucked him todeath. I pull him off and start beatin' on his black ass tryin' realhard to kill him too. Until Jammer here tol me not to `cause he wasmostly okay `ceptin' for a real sore ass, that's when I moved him inwid me." He grinned at Jammer, "An a month later he up an rape me in myvery own bed."Jammer started on a retort, but Auggie cut him off, "Just when this allhappen?""When I was twelve. After I first sat on him, Uncle Zeek's beenteaching me stuff ever since." Jammer answered with a giggle before Zeekwithout realizing that when Auggie's voice dropped to a loud whisper hewas enraged.Just then both Ryan and Stevie began kissing and licking their way downtheir respective partners. Logan and Trasker's cocks disappeared intotheir partner's mouths just long enough to get them moaning together.The top boys dropped the two cocks on cue and went to work on the twopairs of balls, as they both lifted and spread their partner's legs. Abottle of oil appeared between them and one hand of each boy was suddenlydripping oil. Jammer's cock stood hard once again and Auggie went backto work on him with his mouth.Jammer was fascinated with the living tableau of white boys near his agein constant movement all with the single goal of two of them fucking theother two while he, his Uncle Zeek and Auggie watched. "Sir?" Jammerhad been panting; suddenly he sucked in his muscled gut until it touchedhis backbone, and "Sir I'm going to come just about NOOWWW!" He roareddrawing the attention of all four boys on the bed. None of them knew theboy Auggie sucked except Trasker and even he was agog at Jammer's sizeas Auggie pulled back just enough so that he could keep up with flood ofcum by swallowing each one that jetted from Jammer in spurts like waves.The four gave Jammer brief grins of congratulations and Trasker added asmall wave of recognition before they got back to business.After Jammer's deluge ended, Auggie pulled his head down and kissed him,Jammer returned the same passion; like the wonderful head job, the kisswas his first with a white man. "I'm thinkin' I'd like yo to sit onme now if you're willin,'" Auggie whispered when they ended the kissfor air."Yes Sir! I'd really like that." Jammer answered and pulled Auggie'srobe further apart before he began to turn around."Wait," Auggie said, "we need to get lubed some first."Jammer giggled, "I already am. I'm always ready, because I live with ahorny uncle and I never know when he'll be around to knock off a pieceof pussy."Auggie grinned, "Well in that case ya'll jus' turn your pretty buttaround here an' I'll check." Moans, increasing in volume interruptedthem. Both looked over at the bed to see fingers being replaced withtongues through the stretched relaxed sphincters until lips kissedanises. Auggie held Jammer's small bubble butt up before his eyes with ahand on each cheek. "Know somethin' Jammer boy?" He used his thumbs tospread the boy's cheeks, "This tight little boy pussy of yours looksgood enough to eat." He stuck out his tongue and took a fast lick beforeturning it into a short hot spear. Jammer was so surprised by the act andthe feel that he nearly toppled over the scooter's handle bar and wouldhave if Auggie weren't holding him firmly by the hips. It was Jammer'sturn to join in the moaning. When Jammer began wiggling and hisre-hardened monster cock began flailing the handlebar leaving generoushelpings of precum behind, Preteen Lolitas Auggie reclined his seat back so that he wasalmost horizontal and he slowly began to guide the very succulent assdown on his straining cock."Let me Boss, I kin home in on this boy's pussy from a mile away in thedark." Zeek volunteered by already holding and aiming Auggie's cock asJammer eagerly lowered his body to impale himself on his first whiteman's cock. Auggie filled his lungs on first contact and didn't exhaleuntil Jammer was completely seated with all of his weight resting on thefat man's thighs with his back snuggled into Auggie's plump soft body."It's bigger than I thought." Jammer told Auggie as a compliment.Auggie chuckled, "That because I' too fuckin' fat, over two inches washidin' an Preteen Lolitas you just squish it all outten the way." The top boys hadmoved back to engulf their lover's cocks and the head bobbing and noiseof sucking increased. Logan shot his wad first by arching his back offthe bed and screaming his pleasure while he mauled Stevie's head withhis strong hands. Trasker followed soon after. Stevie sat up on hishaunches and watched Ryan suck Trasker dry and when he too sat up, bothcupped their hands and spit the loads they kept in their mouths intothem. Both boys grinned down on their partners as they pulled their legsup and back ready to be anointed, lubricated with their own cum both werefinger fucked with three slimmed fingers of one hand while the rest oftheir cum was applied to a pair of raging hard cocks that would quicklyreplace Preteen Lolitas the fingers.Ryan and Stevie both buried themselves quickly and immediately beganpounding or thrusting themselves quickly into their partners after eachwas assured the there was no pain from their entries. Jammer watchedquietly until he saw their pace. He looked up at Auggie and whispered,"Too bad, neither of them is going to last long Preteen Lolitas enough to matter, theytook too long and now they're too far gone. Should I start moving now?"He asked."That would be nice Jammer boy `cause I regret to say that I might notlast too long my own self. " Auggie slipped his hands under the boy'sass cheeks and began to Preteen Lolitas lift and lower him to establish a pace. Jammerhad his legs bent so his feet were flat on the scooter's deck betweenAuggie's and used his legs to arch his pelvis and then relax so hisinternal muscles stroked Auggie's cock. He also clenched his sphincteron each upstroke in effect milking Auggie's long dormant pole as hemoved on the big fat man.Zeek appeared kneeling at the scooter's side. He held up Jammer'seleven inches and waved it. Jammer raised his head to see who was playingwith him, he knew the hand, and grinned at his uncle. "I don't drain yodown some you be shootin' dat white boy spunk all over an' den I have amess to clean up." Zeek explained charitably before he began giving suckto his Preteen Lolitas nephew."Is your tongue broken?" Jammer asked with a giggle and without missinga stoke with his body.By then Jammer was lying in a pool of Auggie's sweat that was runningfrom every pore. Auggie's breathing became labored. His arms went towrap themselves tightly around Jammer's chest so he wouldn't slide downthe slick incline of his gross body. "Now boy," he groaned, "ithappenin' now!""Lay across me Uncle Zeek; push me down!" Jammer ordered. Zeek fellforward on Jammer's loins pinning the mammoth cock between them whilefurther impaling his nephew on Auggie's cock. Jammer began pumping cumas soon as he felt Auggie flooding his guts.Zeek felt the boy's spasms and the spreading wet stickiness, "Woe's meboy I got to do the cleanin' any how."Jammer's assessment of the two couples on the bed proved to be all tooaccurate; Stevie and Ryan both came with regrettable speed at just aboutthe same time that Auggie succeeded for the first time in many years.Auggie turned his head enough to see them laying still, collapsed andnear comatose as they struggled to regain their strength enough to rolloff their respective lovers. When they finally rolled off after poppingout they cuddled and cooed just like any couples in love.Auggie looked at his watch, "Boy, set up an' roll us over to thatphone. It way past dinnertime an' we all need to be taken a break."Jammer sat up carefully so they wouldn't disengage while Auggie wasstill hard enough to be felt."I don't know how to run this thing. What do I do? I've never drivenanything in my life." Jammer explained the reason they weren't moving.Auggie explained the simplicity of the controls and when Jammer twistedthe handle to go forward the scooter began moving at maximum speed. Thescooter stopped after pushing the phone table before it into the wall."Way cool!" Jammer giggled out as Auggie was pushed upright after theimpact separated him from his young lover. The foursome on the bed sat upto see what the ruckus was about and began laughing. Jammer stood up andclimbed off the cart with a push from Auggie. The boy's lower body andchest was still covered with his running cum since Zeek was left behindon his knees with his mouth open and his tongue still hanging out in midlick.Stevie called Jammer over to the bed and when he saw the quantity of cum,"Make room guys, we need all the protein we can get. Jammer floppedbetween the two couples and all four of them began licking his bodyclean, even Trasker Bligh, who knew him and his black heritage. When theywere finished amid tickling and Preteen Lolitas goosing all five were laughing and veryhard.Trasker introduced Jammer belatedly, "Sorry James. Hey guys this isJames, we live just a half mile Preteen Lolitas away from each other right here on thefarm. If I'd known about you James, I'd have been gay a couple of yearsago. Wow, what a cock." He had an idea, "What about if James joins inthe rotation?""Rotation? Sure, but what's a rotation?" James and not Jammer asked.He would do anything Trasker asked of him for not blowing his cover.Logan boldly and eagerly explained while holding James' cock straight upto gage its length. "Yeah, each of us is getting fucked by the otherthree guys if it takes all night, and now by you too. Want to?" Logan'stongue snapped out to claim a gob of precum that oozed forth in answer tothe question before the big cock was ripped from his hand. James couldonly nod because Trasker was face fucking him with his tongue while withRyan's help, manhandling the boy on top of Trasker and fitting the prizebetween Trasker's legs. Ryan claimed seconds.Stevie poked Logan in the ribs with a giggle, as he got comfortable onhis back, "Come on you virgin slut stud, and plant a baby in me.""I'll be right there, but first I want to see how far James gets inTrasker without killing him."Trasker's eyes flew open and he broke the kiss, "Why didn't I think ofthat possibility?" he asked the room. He answered himself as he feltJames enter him easily using Ryan's load as lubrication. "Man what away to go."James with guilt feelings nagging him whispered in Trasker's ear; "Areyou going to tell them I'm black?""Nope, you ain't enough to matter to my way of thinkin', but youshould tell them yourself before you start pokin' one Preteen Lolitas of `em."After James felt his small soft bush press Trasker's nut sack, he heldhis upper body up using his elbows before he began moving in Trasker'sbody. "Guys, there's something I need to tell you about me before we goany further. Trasker here already knows. You see guys, I well, I havesome Negro blood in me.""Bullshit," was Stevie's instant reaction.Logan grinned, "I'm a half breed too. There's a couple of CherokeeIndians in the old Dillon family Preteen Lolitas tree. To tell the truth I think anancestor fucked them out of the land our plantation sets on. Are you justgoing to lay there all night James? You best start fucking Trasker or youwon't get to me until tomorrow."Ryan spread James' legs and hefted his big balls up out of the way so hecould see the root of James' cock buried all the way in Trasker. Hestarted laughing and nodding to himself."What?" James and Trasker asked together looking at Ryan."Nothing, I found it, that's Preteen Lolitas all.""Found what?" James asked suspiciously.Ryan giggled harder, "I found your black blood, it's all concentratedin your monster Preteen Lolitas cock and nuts. My question is where can I get some? Youshould also know that I'm next and so you better do some serious fuckingon my lover boy here or quit and get mounted up on me." Trasker lockedhis legs around James' waist to for stall any withdrawal Preteen Lolitas before hepumped cum while he traded middle fingers and giggles with Ryan.James joined in with Trasker grinning up Preteen Lolitas at him "As Uncle Zeek wouldsay; Yes sir I git right to it Masta Trasker! I gonna fill you plumb upwid cum!" With that James went up on his knees to provide fulcrums so hecould long stroke Trasker nearly his full eleven inches.Ryan placed his hand between them with his palm on Trasker's solarplexus, "This load of cum is going to land right about here," helaughed, "one inch deeper and he'd fill your lungs and drown yourass," he joked.After Auggie showered and put on a clean robe, he gave Zeek instructionsconcerning Jammer's older half brother, George. "I want that some bitchtaken to that same barn where he did Jammer. I want him ass up over abale, an I wants ever' boy on this here place lined up there ready totake a turn on that nigger's black ass. Jammer goes first if'n he wanttoo, o' course, no one gits forced. After they's all done, he's gone,family or no, he's gone from here. He come back one time, he neverleave."Zeek had only one question, "When yo want to do dis?"Auggie shrugged answering that it could be any time that Zeek could roundup the plantation `boys' to collect volunteers and of course wheneverJammer was Preteen Lolitas free if indeed he wanted to be first in line. Zeek went intothe adjoining bedroom to ask the boy, and returned almost immediatelygiggling and shaking his head. "Dat boy already busy screwin' his wayplumb through all dem white boys an' dey lovin' him to death, so's Icouldn't ask," he explained proudly. He add as he walked beside Auggie,"Dem boys is callin' him James so's I guess Jammer is gone from nowon."Auggie nodded that he understood, "That for the best. I expect he beteachin' a few things he got from ya'll, like slowin' `em down some,they sure is buck bunnies in rut by God," he joked with a laugh as heparked his scooter back alongside the crowded bed where James wasfinished with Ryan and Trasker by then and at the moment was slowlyplowing Stevie while Logan watched with great fascination. "Don't bestartin' on nothin' new boys, dinner in the dinnin' room in about tenminutes," Auggie warned. "It one of them come as yo' is dinnerparties," he added with a chuckle.Logan looked up, offered Auggie a bashful smile and walked on his kneesto the foot of the bed. Suddenly he stood alongside of the scooter Preteen Lolitas whereAuggie's attention was diverted by the rise of Preteen Lolitas a six-inch erection onthe petite, muscular teenager. "Excuse Preteen Lolitas me Sir, but I'd like theopportunity to earn my keep somehow, that is if you want anything."Auggie's eye dropped for a moment before meeting Logan's eyes andlooking hopeful. Logan smiled, "Stevie told me everything. Anythingincludes, well, everything.""Step aboard Logan boy jes' like Jammer, I mean James done before an'I'll jes' give ya'll a ride to supper while I gets me a snack off'inyo' that is if yo got any spunk left" Auggie's eyes traveled betweenLogan's and his very man size and very perfectly shaped six inch cock."Jammer?" Logan asked and turned back to look at James embedded to thehilt in his lover Stevie. He giggled and nodded, "Yup the name fits himjust look at him go! Poor Stevie is goin' to be wantin' to borrow thisscooter to get around after James the Jammer gets done with his ass." Hefelt Auggie palm his nut sack to weigh them he spread his legs as far asAuggie's massive legs would allow to be accommodating, "And as forspunk, Mr. Bligh, I'm so new at having sex with anyone but my own hand,I haven't been entirely soft since I climbed in your limo with Stevie.Just feeling your eyes on me has got me up for another shot."Auggie's eyes widened when he saw Logan's cock swell and begin tothrob, realizing that the boy wasn't joking. He quickly bent forwardwith his mouth open and just as quickly was rewarded with a surprisingquantity of fresh hot teenage boy cum in his mouth. Man and boy Preteen Lolitas werejolted when the front wheel of the scooter banged the back wall of theelevator car."Sorry about that boy, I plumb forgot to shut down. Lucky fo' yo' andStevie both that I didn't plumb bite yo dick off." Auggie laughed whilehelpless to stop his hands from running all over the miniature butmagnificent body that stood before him. By the time the ground floor doorclicked open both Auggie and Logan were laughing and chatting like longtime friends and Auggie told Logan to drop the sirs and Mister Blighs, hewas just Auggie.Auggie spied a FedEx box sitting on the foyer table and detoured theirjourney to the dinning room. He handed the box to Logan to open as Preteen Lolitas headmitted he never could find the little tape that opened the lids of suchpackages. Once opened, Auggie smiled on seeing two VHS tape cassetteswrapped in bubble wrap. There was also a hand written note:Hey Auggie!!!We hope you like these tapes, although you'll never be able to use themin Preteen Lolitas our program. Also please be sure no women or straight guys are aroundwhen you play them, too bad too, we were all really hot (hint)!!!Your Yankee Pals (really Dooby)Auggie showed the note to Logan and explained whom the friendly Yankeeswere and described Dooby briefly. "You'll be meetin up with them all inah week or two." Just then there were pounding bare feet on bothstaircases. Ryan had one to himself almost, he had James slung over oneshoulder like a sack of grain. Trasker and Stevie used the other flightlike a down hill racecourse racing Ryan and a screaming laughing helplessJames. Zeek, still fully dressed followed the boys at a more statelypace.Ryan screeched to a halt in front of the scooter, he allowed James tostand but held him so he couldn't run, "Auggie, James boy here thinksthat he's supposed to eat in the kitchen, if he's allowed to eat in thehouse at all." Zeek hung back quietly waiting for Auggie to decide.Auggie grinned at the hopeful white faces, he bent down to look at Zeekaround Ryan's bare hip, "Zeek yo' an' your nephew just heist yo'selves into yonder dinnin' room an' count settin's at the table. Yo'let us know how many."Zeek grinned and pushed James in front of him, "There's seven," Jamesreported, "that means we're both invited Uncle Zeek.""Yup from now on, yo' set to all meals in this here house, an' fromnow on the meals is served family style to keep them wenches in thekitchen from gettin' too excited by havin' to see all yo' great bigwhite boy cocks floppin' aroun' in here." Auggie explained as herolled himself to the head of the table. He pointed to his right and thenat James and then his left while frowning at Zeek, silently daring him torefuse. The other four boys took seats as two couples opposite eachother.Everyone looked hungrily at the steaming bowls, Trasker frowned and wasthe first to speak up to his uncle, "Now Unc I know ya'll are on adiet, but I don't see why you're draggin' the rest of us on it.""What in Sam Hill are yo' talkin' about boy?""There's no meat is what!" Trasker shot back much to everyone else'srelief.Auggie scanned the table, "Maybe the steaks is still cookin'. Zeek yo'got pants on, go see what's goin' on please."Logan jumped to his feet, "I'll go, I am your step an' fetch it boyafter all and it's time I started to earn my keep."Auggie and Zeek began laughing together. Zeek shook his head, "Loganboy, yo' go in that there kitchen jus' wearin' yo' birthday suit an'yo' never come back `til yo' dead! Them wenches `ill eat yo' prettywhite ass alive, I swear!" Auggie agreed with Preteen Lolitas a nod.Logan grinned at everyone's laughter but shrugged, "I'm going anyway.They'll get used to seeing me in and out of there plus I'm pretty faston my feet too." He hoisted a stubborn eyebrow in Auggie's directionbefore he disappeared into the butler's pantry.The swinging door crashed open three minutes later. Logan gave everyone ademonstration of his speed while he carried a tray of steaks with bothhands and looked over his shoulder to see if he was being chased. Peelsof feminine laughter waned gradually as the door slowed its swinging."You were right, that woman had me hold the tray while she forked thesteaks off the grill, then while my hands were full she reached down withboth of hers and checked me out while she dared me to drop the tray todefend myself." Everyone was roaring with laughter while he served themcomplaining the whole time.Steve held up the table cloth after Logan resumed his seat, "Complainall you want but I notice you've still got a hard on.""Say I just got me an idea speakin' o' hard ons," Auggie handedStevie the two cassettes, "here Stevie load one o' these. I believe wegoin' to see some an' have us a dinner Preteen Lolitas theater whilst we eat."The tape opened with a tight close up of Dooby's smiling face, "HeyAuggie and Ryan and anyone else we haven't met yet. You said you like tolook at young guys fucking around and we thought we'd let you watch us.The whole gang is here this weekend because we just held our firstLacrosse practice. That's why there's two tapes, everyone wanted in onour act." While Dooby talked the camera moved back slightly and began topan down his body until reaching his bare feet. Then it moved back up hislegs to stop for a close up of his flaccid cock. Dooby's cock quicklylengthened and rose until it was perpendicular to his body. Dooby laughedunseen, "That enough of my cock," he instructed the camera, "moverover to Cory."The camera moved back to capture heads and shoulders of both boys, Doobylooked lovingly down on Cory. Cory said hello to everyone watching andagain the lens moved down his body. Logan looked at Auggie excitedly,"How tall is that hottie?"Auggie grinned, "About as tall as you." He pointed back to the screen,"Look at the rest of that there boy."There was a collective intake of breath when Cory's cock and ballsappeared and when his cock was fully hard, Trasker fell out of his chair,"Holy goddamn shit, a little guy like that an' he's as big as youJames."James tilted his head, "If not bigger," he agreed.Dooby, again unseen on the screen interrupted, "This is taking toofucking long, back up Artie and pan all the old assholes together, exceptyou Lane, what are you doing over there? You're on our side not with thelimp dicks, besides you've been fucking my sister all week practicing tofuck me and Cory all weekend. By then the camera had pulled back stillfurther to encompass the whole group, one couple, Tom and Christianwhispered together briefly and suddenly Dooby found himself airborneflying into the pool. Christian and Tom grinned at the camera, Christianwaved, "Hi Auggie, I just wanted to thank you for the Vet, man what Preteen Lolitas anice surprise. I have your portrait almost finished and I'll bring itwith me when we stop by there. We all hope you plan to come with us ondown to Florida we really enjoy your company. You should know that Tomand I only agreed to be in this fuck film of Dooby's because I think aVet, although I love it was way too expensive in payment for a portrait Ipainted. Anyway, what Dooby planned was he and Cory first, then us andthen some other couples. After that we expect that the whole thing willdegenerate into a wild fuckathon, you know, on orgy.""One more thing Auggie," Dobby said shaking his wet head and returningto the camera, "You know how in porn flicks the guys that come alwayspull out so you Preteen Lolitas can see it? Well we never pull out, trust us, if welooked like we came then that's what happened." The camera panned thegroup.Auggie saw that his boys had stopped eating, mesmerized by the show. Helooked down to see that he'd joined them. He motioned to Zeek to pokeStevie. When he had Stevie's brief attention, he slashed his hand acrosshis throat. Stevie keyed the TV off. The others frowned in Stevie'sdirection; Auggie quickly took the blame, "We best save these tapes forupstairs. Ya'll best eat now boys, I reckon yo gonna need the proteinshortly."Twenty minutes later the boys, Auggie and Zeek were done eating. Theirplates held nothing more than a meatless t-bone each. No one asked aboutdessert, the boys raced for the stairs with Zeek close behind, followingStevie as if he were the Pied Piper since he clutched the two cassettes.By the time Auggie rolled into the room Stevie was loading the first tapeand then working the remote to blank all the screens and reset them toplay the tape. Zeek was naked and proudly hard. He stood near the bedwere Auggie usually parked while the boys were clustered lying on theirbellies, almost piled like pups seeking warmth from each other in theirdams' absence. Stevie ran to the foot of the bed, started the tape,dropped the remote and then crawled forward to snuggle between Logan andJames already watching Dooby and Cory on the screens begin making out andsinking to the big air mattress. Dooby ended up on his back. He pulledCory upon his body like a blanket that was too small to cover himeverywhere. He spread his legs and Cory's lower body sank. Dooby grinnedhugely at the camera as he lifted his legs to his lover's shoulders andlevered his well-oiled ass higher as Cory braced his body up on straightarms. Dooby reached down quickly with practiced ease to guide Cory'smonster. Cory sank into Dooby slowly but steadily until his carefullytrimmed pubic bush was crushed into Dooby's nut sack. Dooby pulled thesmaller boy down and visibly sucked in Cory's extended tongue before helocked heels under Cory's cheeks and initiated a thrusting contest bylevering his ass up to impale himself further on Cory's cock. Corypulled back until he was connected momentarily only by the depth of hisknob. When he thrust down quickly, Dooby met him half way with an audibleslap as their bodies slammed together again.The camera moved from profiling the two hard bodies to Cory's perfectalmost seamless bubble butt and his closed legs. Tom and Christian eachgrasped an ankle and exposed Cory's heavy balls and the length of hiscock as he thrust and withdrew from his lover's eager hole. The olderboys each pulled a tanned cheek away from its partner. The camera zoomedin to a close up of the shaved nuts and pucker before the puckerdisappeared when Christian inserted his index and middle fingers to thelast knuckle to be joined by two of Tom's fingers where upon they beganfinger fucking the little wrestler. Cory grunted once in surprise, lookedback, smiled and then began to moan in pleasure. When Cory againstraight-armed the mattress, the camera once again moved to the couple'sside. Dooby's cock rose above his rippled gut and every visible muscleon both boys became clearly defined."This action was a late addition to the script," Tom explained with agrin. He looked down, "OOPS! They're ready to blow. Watch this action,they've learned how to control themselves so they come together, none ofus can do it yet, but we're working on it."Tom and Christian pulled their fingers out after they felt Cory's firstcontraction because he began repositioning his body so Dooby's lowerback rested high on his thighs as Cory sat on his heels. Everyonewatching looked puzzled until Cory bent his supple body double to collectDooby's spurting cock into his mouth missing only two earlier gobs; oneon Dooby's shoulder and the second running from his chin to his neck. Hecollected those only after Dooby was sucked dry.Logan looked at Stevie wearing a sweated blush, "Stevie, it's my turnwith James and now would be a good Preteen Lolitas time to start before I Preteen Lolitas embarrassmyself, I'm so hot. Do you mind if James and I tried that, that is ifJames is willing," he asked shyly moving his eyes to James."If you think you're hot then I'm a volcano!" James exclaimed. Helooked at Trasker and Ryan. Ryan was deep throating Trasker, which madeanswering difficult. "Shut the tape off Stevie, Ryan Preteen Lolitas here just saved myonions in the nick o' time an' he don't look too far behind meeither."Stevie slipped off the bed, retrieved the remote and keyed off Preteen Lolitas the imageof Christian and Tom holding Dooby's legs down so his toes pressed themattress over his head. Cory was kneeling at Dooby's well-fucked ass asif it was an alter. He leaned to the side so the camera could record theimage of his substantial deposit of cum leaking slowly from his lover'sstill relaxed stretched muscles. Cory grinned at the camera, "We callthis part birth control," he said and lowered his open mouth just as thescreens darkened.Auggie chuckled while he used Zeek's cock like a handle to pull him andit closer, "The rate we goin' it be Christmas befo' we get them tapesdone," he paraphrased Tom, "but we're workin' on it."
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